Shoot Great Images

The 5-Step Roadmap to Success Without The Frustration!

The Brutal Truth…

Your art is only as good as your images! Watch this short video about why you need great images if you expect to exhibit and sell your work.

It’s Easy…

I want you to have great images! Watch this short video to learn how to set the image size on your camera—it’s one of only three settings that matter.

Start Today…

Get all the information you need to take great photos of your artwork with confidence! Watch this short video about what’s included in the program.

Learn to shoot great images of your work!

The brutal truth is that your art is only as good as your images. I’m Eric, and I’ve collected together everything I learned about photographing artwork—all of my knowledge, techniques and secrets—boiled it down and simplified it in a way that every artist and artisan can understand and use without expensive equipment. I’m making all of this information available because I want you to have great images of your art!

Shoot Great Images™ is a 5-step roadmap for successfully photographing your work, presented in a clear and easy-to-follow style. The program covers the most important camera settings, lighting and shooting different types of artwork, how to edit the images on the computer, and the easiest way to format them for different uses.

Do you have still have questions about what’s covered in the program? Aren’t sure if the Shoot Great Images™ program is right for you? No problem…

Or attend one of my upcoming 1-hour free webinars. I’ll share with you the Five Essentials for Great Images and you’ll get a taste of what’s included in the Shoot Great Images™ program.

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